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Een bijzonder potje voetbal tussen DEES en Iron Maiden © Jurriaan Balke/fotomeulenhof

Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris suprises small village footbalteam with appearance

WINTELRE - It had to be kept secret, otherwise the small village of Wintelre (2000 inhabitants) would have been a mekka for long haired en tattooed Iron Maiden fans. Steve Harris of the world famous band was a guest on sportspark De Meren in Wintelre, Simply, for a relaxed game of football.

Steve Harris, sixty years old hard rock superstar and bass-player of Iron Maiden, would enlighten the quiet town of Wintelre to enjoy a good game of football between the concerts in Arnhem.

The opponent is the veteran team of DEES. Superfan of the band and the organizer of the contest, Wout van Loon: "For him it’s a day off, so he did not want too much fuss around it," he says. But obviously the news leaked. A little more than a hundred people gathered around the green grounds of De Meren to see the 60-year old superstar play in his Iron Maiden football outfit. Supporters treated themselves to a couple of pints, chatting about concerts and festivals. From all over The Netherlands thay traveled to Wintelre, even some people from Germany arrived at the sports park.

"I know Wout for a long time," says Harris after the game in an extensive meet and greet with the fans. "This was our sixth game on this tour. Earlier we played in Brazil, Los Angeles, Cape Town and Australia. And now in Wintelre.

Steve Harris van de wereldberoemde band Iron Maiden was dinsdagavond te gast op sportpark De Meren in Wintelre. Gewoon, voor een relaxed potje voetbal. Het had eigenlijk geheim moeten blijven.


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